Wound Care – Lets Make Every day count

A wound is a breach in the skin barrier

Wound healing is a natural process – the aim of wound management is the facility of the body’s capacity to heal

Wound healing is a complex process in which the skin (or another organ-tissue) repairs itself after injury.

Wound Healing Process

What are the 3 main wound healing phases?

  • Inflammation (”cleaning phase”)
  • Granulation (”building phase”)
  • Re-epithelialisation (”roofing phase”)

Wound types and their background

Acute wounds

Surgical wounds
Donor sites
Traumatic wounds
Skin abrasions

Chronic wounds

Leg ulcers
Pressure ulcers
Diabetic foot ulcers

Some differences between acute and chronic wounds

Acute/surgical wound

  • Short duration
  • No underlying pathology
  • Normal inflammatory stage
  • Usually heals without complication
  • Acute wound fluid supports cell proliferation but leakage of exudate under the dressing can lead to maceration


Chronic wound

  • Not progressed in 4 weeks and not healed within 8 weeks of formation
  • Underlying pathology or disease
  • Prolonged inflammatory stage
  • A variety of complications may arise
  • Chronic wound fluid does not support cell proliferation
  • Chronic wound fluid damages peri-wound skin


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