Hydrogels – use and mode of action

  • wound hydration
  • debridement of necrotic tissue – removing the barrier to healing
  • Indicated for dry to sloughy necrotic wounds as well as wounds with a mix of necrotic and granulated tissue.
  • Hydrate necrotic tissue and absorb excess exudate, slough and debris from the wound.
  • May be used throughout the healing process to provide a moist wound healing environment.
  • Should be covered with a secondary dressing

Purilon features and benefits


  • Excellent absorption properties
  • Natural ingredients without any additives (hydrates and dissolves necrotic tissue)
  • Viscous texture _ High cohesion
  • Easy-to-use applicator


  • Reduced risk of leakage and maceration
  • Very gentle product yet effective debridement, low risk of allergies
  • Even after absorption of debris and exudate the gel will remain cohesive and counteract leakage and maceration, while remaining easy to remove
  • Ensures controlled application with only one hand