Hydrocolloids Dressings

According to research, healthcare professionals generally use hydrocolloids for:

We link these benefits of hydrocolloids with Comfeel® Plus

  • Comfeel® Plus can help protect skin at risk and in initial wound phases
  • Comfeel® Plus can help heal low-to-medium exuding wounds faster* in the final wound healing phases**
  • Moist wound healing with increased epithelialization and faster healing of wounds compared to dry wound healing
  • Protection of skin at risk to prevent wounds and to reduce further wound worsening

Comfeel® Plus

  • We have integrated these insights into one key message for the Comfeel® Plus portfolio
  • Comfeel® Plus – Ensured protection. Faster healing
  • The clinical evidence along with the many features and benefits support the message that Comfeel® Plus provides ensured protection and faster healing.

Comfeel® Plus: Positioning for use in initial and final wound phases

  • Protection of skin at risk and in initial and wound phases
  • Healing of wounds in initial and final wound healing phases