Wound Care

Once a wound gets treated, the most crucial step comes up, and that is wound care. If an injury is not properly cared for, it can get infected. Infections, when undiscovered, can prove to be fatal. Innovative Medical Technologies offer high-end wound care in the form of dressings and gels. Our products will not only care for the wound and protect it from infections but also assist its natural healing process.

Ostomy Care

Ostomy pouching system is used to provide relief to the patients who have had an organ surgically removed. But without ostomy care, this relief will turn into a nightmare. Whether you are about to get an ostomy and need guidance or you need help post-surgery, our products imported from Coloplast, the world leader in Ostomy care, can prove to be highly useful for you. We can get you back on track to living your life without any restraint after getting an ostomy.

Continence Care

Our focus has always been the comfort of the patients, and that’s why we offer continence care products to help them gain control of their bowel and bladder movements. Our state-of-the-art products will help patients live a worry-free life.

Skin Care

Skin problems can keep you from going about your daily routine. Allergies and infections will prevent you from cleaning, and even eating with your hands. Our wide range of skin care products can help patients combat all kinds of skin problems. Whether you have extra dry and sensitive skin or oily and acne-prone skin, you can rest assured that we will have the right skin care product for you.

One important aspect of skin care is scar treatment. Scars affect a person’s self-esteem and should be treated quickly. Our Scar Gel and Sheets work like magic to remove scars. You will be scar free in no time and back to being your confident and happy self.

Breast Care

Did you know that Breast cancer is the second most common cancer in women? But without proper care and regular checkups, this cancer can go unnoticed. Our breast care products will help you keep your breasts healthy. For those with breast cancer, the surgical removal of a breast can be a very traumatic experience. Our external breast prosthesis can help you get over the trauma. With our prosthesis, you can live your life normally without ever remembering the surgery and its effects.

We also offer products that can be helpful in breast care during and after pregnancy. Our breast care range also has breast silicone implants for breast augmentation so you can beautify your body and stop feeling bad about it.