Continence Care

  • Easicath
  • Conveen
  • Leg Bag

EasiCath is an advanced alternative to indwelling urethral catheters;

1 -Uniform lubrication

2-Complete Covering the entire length of the –catheter

3-Homogenous: Lubrication stays homogenous throughout the length of the catheter

4-Stable: The lubrication stays stable during the whole catheterization process, during insertion and removal

5-Unique: EasiCath is the 1st catheter to have lubrication in the beveled cut of the eyelets, resulting in lower friction and minimizing the risk of trauma and infection to the urethra.

Benefits for the patients

  • Friction between the catheter and the urethral mucosa is several times less than with conventional catheters
  • Passes through sphincters smoothly and easily
  • Simplifies learning how to use the technique
  • Reduces the risk of urethral complications and secondary stenosis
  • Reduces the risk of bacteria and urinary tract infection

EasiCath is available in many different sizes to suit individual needs

Urine leg bag

 Urine leg bag

  • PVC, free material
  • Security and free flow of urine
  • less risk of infection
  • Available leg bag straps
  • Tube can be cut to the desired length

Conveen Uriseaths


  • Soft , hypo allergic non-latex material
  • Innovative rim at the outlet for a firmer grip when connecting to a urine bag
  • Talcum coat for a smooth enrolling over the penis
  • Transparent to monitor skin condition
  • High quality , skin-friendly
  • Will not tight around the penis
  • Effective adhesion with leak-proof seal for 24 hours