Authorized Dealership

At Innovate Medical Technologies (PVT.) Limited, we are an expert management and promotional company who is capable of providing an ideal platform suited for local or foreign-based Hi-Tech companies that desires a professional launching of their products in Pakistan with an experienced collaborator that knows the nook and cranny of the business.

We offer Sole Agency agreement on exclusivity basis for Marketing, Sales Promotion and Distribution for the entire territory of Pakistan as we endeavor to request the best possible competitive C&F prices as relevant to the highly sensitive price conscious market of Pakistan. We also help our international partners get the accurate local pricing in Pakistan Rupees (Pak. Rs) after assessing the landing cost of distribution, cost of marketing and promotion and reasonable local margin.

As an innovative company who desires to help teeming companies showcase their products and ensure they offer the required solutions. We request Principals who want us to promote their brand in Pakistan to provide the latest introduction, promotion material and samples of their products as we asses them for clarity and later on assist them in securing registration with the Ministry of Health and other relevant authorities for all necessary authorization needed on behalf of the company or manufacturer. We crave to have a sound health program that supports the populace with only the best of product and certified manufacturers.

Our List of Authorized Dealership includes Companies from all over the world like USA , Denmark, Germany, Australia and Taiwan.