We started Innovate Medical Technologies when we noticed the lack of advanced medical devices and treatment options in this country. Ever since then, we have been striving to bring more and more positive changes to Pakistan’s healthcare sector.

Our Struggles

Starting a medical devices distribution company in a country like ours where no one really cares about patients was a challenging thing to do. It took us a lot of time to convince doctors and hospital management that there are better ways of treating patients and they can make their patients lives easier. Convincing global companies to let us market their products in Pakistan was also not an easy thing. They didn’t believe that this country can be a good market for them. But we didn’t give up because our priority was always the people of Pakistan who suffer due to the poor healthcare devices and treatment procedures that are in use here. We wanted to give them access to better healthcare options, and that’s what kept us going.

Mission Statement

Innovate Medical Technologies brings advanced medical devices made by world-famous companies to Pakistan to give the citizens of this country a better healthcare system. We wish to see an advanced healthcare system full of the latest medical devices and treatment techniques in Pakistan, and we import advanced medical equipment to turn that wish into a reality.


We want to see a Pakistan where everybody gets treated in the best way possible. We will continue importing medical devices to give the healthcare system of Pakistan a chance of improvement. We aim to increase our distributors in the future by adding more global health companies on the list. We will connect with more hospitals and clinics in the future to make sure that even the people living in remote areas have steady access to quality healthcare.

Message from Our CEO